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Hi there,

I’m André Ivanchuk.

I’m a multidisciplinary artist, designer and brand strategist. My work spans branding, design, illustration and creative direction.

The work is deeply rooted in principles of Human Centered Design, Emotional Branding and Design Thinking. My approach to problem-solving and ideation are not only evident in the end-result, but equally in the processes and methodologies that shape and lead upto the solutions. My capabilities and strengths exist at the intersection of storytelling, art and design.

With over 15 years of experience reinventing myself and my work, creating unforgettable brands and developing the next generation of creative leaders.

I live and dream in Skaneateles, New York with my wife and kids… and a puppy.

Dreaming Audaciously. Pushing the envelope, and never settling. Thinking Ridiculously Big. Imagining the Impossible.

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Retail & DTC

Developing strategy and brands that balance relevance, timelessness and what's trending.


Creating a language and image that adds to the overall experience, leaving lasting memories on your customers.


Building a strong brand image that gets immediate attention from investors and customers.

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