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The Heart of a Company is the Entrepreneurial DNA it Begins With

No one knows everything Entrepreneur love the idea of venture capital. Be careful what you ask for Learn to stay calm when the crap hits the fan The heart of a company is the entrepreneurial DNA it begins with Learn to love new and disruptive things Never, ever, ever...

Simplicity Is Not a Lack of Ability

“I’m sorry this letter is so long, i didn’t have enough time to write a short one” ~ Samuel Clemens Simplicity is not a lack of ability. Simplicity shows a level of maturity novice creative thinkers do not have. It’s a lot of work to...

The Answer is in the Question, The Invitational Stem

Newton’s third law of motion states that “Every action is accompanied by an equal and opposite reaction. And, these forces always occur in pairs”. This simple law reveals that a reactive force cannot exist without an active counterpart. An answer is...
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