Know Who's Talking About You – The Basics

It’s important to know what is being said about you or your health care facility – good or bad. This will give you the opportunity to monitor conversations that are happening online about the quality services your offer, the facility that you manage, and the experiences your patients have. Once you’re able to manage this component of your marketing, you can begin to build upon the strengthens, improve on the weaknesses, and explore the different possibilities available to grow your practice.

Using Google Alerts, you can set up alerts to be send directly to your inbox when your name (or the terms you choose) are mentioned online. This is an easy and effective way to begin to gauge the quality and quantity of dialogues that are centered around your practice and your name.

A good name will precede your actions.

Pfizer And The "T" Word

We want to bring greater transparency to the way we partner with leading medical, scientific and patient organizations, said Jeffrey B. Kindler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer.

Jeff continues by stating that this move will break down a major barrier, and increase trust healthcare providers must have when prescribing to medicines. Without a doubt Pfizer will gain more trust from their participants by positioning themselves as an open and transparent organization.

When walls come down, you as a business gain trust by those that keep you in business because they see that you are not hiding or withholding anything.

Patients & Consumers with Ultimate Power

There has never been a time in history when the consumer, and in this case the patient, have had so much purchasing power. Prior to facing the physician, the patient enters the exam room equipped with information, symptoms, possible causes, new medicine, recent treatment practices, etc. The physician is put in an awkward position to have to answer to what the patient brings to the table.

The lines of the communication and acquiring information are not longer the same. It is time for health care providers to embrace the new methods of communication to better provide for their patients.

Big Brands Are Using You!

Give this a quick thought: Big-brand retailers are plastering the apperal they sell with their brand marks, logos and slogans. Why are consumers not demanding advertising fees for wearing the brand-marked apparel?

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