Include All Five Senses in Your Branding

In Branding, developing a visually memorable statement that increases consumer brand awareness is important to building a powerful image. But this only stimulates one of our senses. Much emphasis is placed on satisfying the visual sense in branding, but this leaves a gap in making an impact in your audience. Smell, one of our most interesting sense is rarely utilized.

Smells invoke memories and appeal directly to feelings without first being filtered and analyzed by the brain, which is how the remaining four senses are processed. We all recognize and are emotionally stimulated by, say, the scent of freshly cut grass, brackish sea air, or the perfume of roses.{Martin Lindstrom}

If you are using scents as part of you total user experience, pay a little more attention to the scents used and the consistency of using a particular scent.

Click here to download a free PDF on Sensory Branding (with thanks to our friends at

Social Media "Follow Us" Basics

We’ve been noticing major and minor brands utilizing Social Media as part of their online marketing initiatives. To include these non-traditional marketing approaches is good. The way it is executed is not good. Why would someone click the Facebook or Twitter link on a page with a “follow us” call to action?

There is nothing in it for the customer!

Simple Solution: Include incentives like

  • Exclusive Deals to the Online Community
  • Promotion Announcements
  • New Products/Services Announcements (PR)

Give your future customers a good reason why they should invest the time and make you part of their world.

Customer Service, The New Strategy

What happened to great Customer Service?

Shift your efforts (and keep them there).

Whether you know it or not and whether you like it or not, the phrases or philosophies of “customer experience,” “voice of the customer” or even the back office concept of “retention” are going to become beyond critical in your corporate lexicon. Learn them or else. Master them and you might just separate yourselves from your competitors at a pace never imagined or seen before. Read the full article here!

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