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What do I do?

Whatever it takes…

and a few of the following things.

Storytelling through Branding, Design, Illustration, Digital, Experiential.


Brand Communication

Performance Strategy – outlining a performance priority plan, deeply rooted in a brand’s business and sales objectives

Content Strategy – developing a communication strategy, built upon your brand’s messaging architecture, to deliver core promises and values through various channels. Content Strategy includes communication points, campaign stories, taglines. 

Brand Design

Developing a visual identity framework that captures the voice, tone and personality of the brand.

  • Logo Package
  • Color System
  • Typography
  • Brand Guidelines

Storytelling Framework

A strategic merging, mixing and fuzing of the Brand Design, Content and Visual Strategy to create a unique and memorable story. 

Design Kit (Visual Strategy)

Comprehensive communication containers delivering a brand’s voice, messaging and promises. Consisting of comps, designs, illustrations, communication deck, visual elements… essentially everything you need to start building and designing your marketing, website, retail space or social campaigns.

Brand Strategy & Platform

Through knowledge and understanding,  defining the critically fundamental framework and parameters to facilitate conversation – the heart and DNA of a brand.

  • Analysis – identifying consumer needs and wants, target customer, competitive analysis
  • Positioning – establishing brand’s position, carving out differentiating factors, value proposition
  • Voice – establishing a brand’s unique tone and voice
  • Persona – developing a human-centered brand personality
  • Messaging Architecture – identifying value-rooted communication points and themes as groundwork for communication campaigns. Mission, vision, value, promises,

Pushing the envelope. And never settling.



App and Website UX / UI – developing intelligent, memorable and human-centered digital experiences 

  • Website Design – creative direction, design, development
  • iOS and Android app UI / UX

Social Media

  • Social Media Content – Developing a strategic Promo, Curated and Created content marketing plan to maximize message clarity, reach and engagement; leveraging creative visuals, hashtag research, and compelling copy.
  • Social Media Creative – Developing unique and creative social media visual assets to maximize engagement, interest and recall; posts, graphics, stories, motion graphics.


Illustration for fashion, retail and brands

  • Pattern Design
  • Infographics
  • Packaging 

Areas of Speciality:

  • Fashion
  • Surface and fabric
  • Home & Decor
  • Information Design
  • CPG


Storytelling through image and text. Creating visual experiences.
  • Brochure and Print Collateral
  • Annual Reports
  • Presentation Material
  • Menu Design
  • Signage
  • Packaging Design
  • Advertising & Campaign Design
  • Infographics

Imagining the Impossible.


Specializing in:


Trade Show

Retail Design



Developing an immersive user experience and engagement strategy through multi-sensory, brand-positioned activations, events and environments – built on a powerful creative platform, the latest technology and a robust KPI structure.
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