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Experience of something is the opinion of one, how restaurants and retail can influence and shape the ideal desired result to win and retain customers

Experience of something is the opinion of one, how restaurants and retail can influence and shape the ideal desired result to win and retain customers

The experience of something is personal. Often filtered through one’s beliefs, expectations, memories and opinions. The experience of something is not the creation or curation of space, time and sensory stimuli – done so by a restaurant, a venue, an organization. The experience of something is what the goer, attendee or participant experiences as a result of being in (and have gone through) a designated space, over time, having at least one of their senses stimulated.

French Cinematography – Reulf

Great execution of the old and new (literally and figuratively), both in picture and audio by  a group of students from the University of Paris. Beautiful short. Reulf é o resultado de um projeto...

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Big Brand Moves Media Budget All Digital

Southern Comfort had spent nearly $8 million last year on traditional marketing – TV and Print. Now, their entire budget has moved online; facebook, hulu, etc. Pretty impressive toshift funds without partiality. What’s more interesting is what did an alcohol brand see online that attracted them?

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Who Made Emotions King?

The problem is that we’ve set our emotions on a throne and made them King. “Don’t offend, always reciprocate, be politically correct, neutralize the deposition, etc.” – these prerequisites govern the everyday thoughts, speech, and behaviors of so many people online and offline.

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Selling Taste Visually

How many times have you looked at an entrée platter, or a piece of a dessert and said to yourself "that looks good". Think about this. How can something that appeals to our taste senses, all of a...

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Pfizer And The "T" Word

We want to bring greater transparency to the way we partner with leading medical, scientific and patient organizations,” said Jeffrey B. Kindler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer. Jeff...

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Big Brands Are Using You!

Give this a quick thought: Big-brand retailers are plastering the apperal they sell with their brand marks, logos and slogans. Why are consumers not demanding advertising fees for wearing the brand-marked apparel?

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A Layoff Disception?

A colleague of mine made an interesting point regarding the current state of the market, particularly the tens of thousands of layoffs we are seeing. The point is this - there is no real evidence...

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A Simple Marketing Strategy

Without a clear and well-defined goal you, your team, and your organization will greatly suffer. Where there is no vision, the people will perish. Here’s a simple way to develop a successful marketing campaign.

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Reach for the Stars!

When you reach for the stars you may not quite get one, but you won’t come up with a handful of mud either. What happened to setting audacious goals; outrageous goals that are followed by mockery and laughter by others, including your friends. Think about it. Who and what is standing in the way of you achieving the impossible? Every highly successful person has this mindset. You will only be as successful as you see yourself.

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Bargain Like There's No Tomorrow!

There’s something we need to realize; those in traditional media are just as concerned about maintaining business as any other industry, and therefore are willing to offer great deals, discounts and incentives to keep their clients. There are deals being made that were previously unheard of. But you need to ask big and not budge.

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Will Someone Please Ban the Term "I Don't Like It"

If you’re in fifth grade, I suppose it’s perfectly OK to critique with terms like “I like it” and “I Don’t Like It”. But if you hold a position as a creative professional and your vocabulary is comprised of these selfish terms, please – get out of this industry. Are are by no means contributing anything useful to the world of communication.
You are a problem solver. Problems are never solved with a subjective mindset. Your personal feelings, tastes and opinions are fruitless.

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Creating Visually with Words

A great statement by the legendary George Lois. If you are looking to come up with a great idea, start talking to yourself. Turn the computer off and engage in a dialog with yourself or your creative group. Spend time with the idea, shaping it with words. The visual step will be much easier. And, you’ll have a powerful end-product.

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