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Doctors Not Confident in Their Healthcare Service?

There’s an increasing number of health care providers who are essentially giving no option for their patients but to keep silent and not post any negative remarks on the Internet pertaining to the doctor.

If you offer a quality service, regardless of the industry, you can be confident that the experience you offer is a positive one. If a health care provider is concerned about patients posting negative remarks online, then simply provide a service with excellence.

If a doctor is forcing their patients to sign a silence order, I would question the quality of the doctor. Typically, one is concerned about negative feedback when the services offered are not at their best.
Secondly, this is an issue of freedom-of-speech. If my experience at a health care facility was a negative, my family and friends would appreciate to know prior to getting care.

This is basic Word of Mouth Marketing. Word of Mouth is the most effective way, and trusted way to build business. Those doctors that are silencing their patients are only hurting their business… unless they are offering horrible services.

For further reading:
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Topics - Marketing
Published - March 19, 2009
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