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Helping Restaurant and Hospitality brands look and feel incredibly authentic and unique.

I’m a multidisciplinary creative thinker and doer. My work spans branding, design, storytelling, and strategy.

Helping Greenville restaurants, retail and hospitality build strong and memorable brands

Elephant and the Dove Skaneateles NY Design Marketing Branding Website
Elephant and the Dove Skaneateles NY Design Marketing Branding Website

Helping brands stand out

through branding and storytelling!

Making sure brands attain authentic and sustainable growth through strategy.

Our job in the restaurant business is to be responsible for our customers’ happiness. It’s the nature of the hospitality business. You need to take care of people. You take care of customers above all others.

~ Andrew Zimmern

Next Big Food City of the South.

what I do


Branding is the five-sensory manifestation of a brand; its promises, personality, beliefs and attitudes.

Building a brand is not about a logo, a catchy color palette or a tagline. Building a brand is about understanding its DNA, how the intangibles translate to multisensory experiences, and ultimately how to manage, nurture and grow the brand to its fullest potential.

Brand Platform

Through knowledge and understanding, defining the critically fundamental framework and parameters to facilitate conversation


  • Persona - developing a human-centered brand personality
  • Positioning - what makes the brand stand out and unique against its competitors
  • Culture - values and beliefs

Brand Communication

How the brand is to sound!

  • Voice - establishing a brand’s unique tone and voice
  • Messaging Architecture - identifying value-rooted communication points and themes as groundwork for communication campaigns.
  • Brand Narrative - content and communication strategy, built upon brand’s messaging architecture, to deliver core promises and values through various channels; communication points, taglines, slogans, advertising copy.

Brand Design

Developing a visual identity framework that captures the voice, tone and personality of the brand. 

  • Logo Package - comprehensive logo system
  • Color System
  • Typography
  • Visual Strategy - Intellectually and emotionally-charged communication containers delivering a brand’s voice, messaging and promises. Consisting of comps, designs, illustrations, communication deck, visual elements… essentially everything you need to start building and designing your marketing, website, retail space or social campaigns.

Let’s maximize your brand to the next level!

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what I do

Content & Social Media Marketing

Crafting the right message, at the right place and time.

Key areas where we can help you scale your brand’s image

Social Media

  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Management
  • Content Design
  • Analytics

Email Marketing

  • Email Strategy
  • Backend Setup
  • Email Design
  • Automation

Direct Messaging

  • Chat Marketing
  • SMS/Text Campaigns
  • Social Direct Messaging
  • Automation

Let’s do something impossible

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what I do


A Brand Strategy is the comprehensive business/image framework

A brand strategy is the relationship between, and the management of, a clearly defined business framework, a set of communication decisions, and a desired user experience outcome.

Business Framework

  • Clarify business objectives
  • Services
  • Clarify challenges / problems
  • Brand Ethos
  • SWOT analysis

Communication Decisions

  • Branding
  • Communication Design
  • Marketing & Communication Plan
  • Performance Strategy
  • Call-to-action
  • KPI framework
  • Tech Stack

User Experience

  • Market & Category Research
  • Value Proposition & Positioning
  • Consumer & Audience Insights
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Trends
  • Brand & Equity Audit
  • Experiential Design

what I do

Design & communication

Delivering the right message, the right way.

Helping brands structure their communication, and deliver with impact and clarity

Communication Design

  • Presentation Collateral
  • Menu Design & Engineering
  • Packaging Design
  • Illustration
  • Large-scale design
  • Social media Marketing

Spacial & Experiential Identity

  • Trade Show
  • Retail Design
  • Environments


  • Frontend design
  • Backend development
  • UX/UI - app and web
  • Landing Page Design

Industry Focus

Retail & DTC

Developing strategy and brands that balance relevance, timelessness and what's trending.


Creating a language and image that adds to the overall experience, leaving lasting memories on your customers.


Building a strong brand image that gets immediate attention from investors and customers.

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