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The guardrails that guide my thinking process. It is a framework that allows me to strategically utilize ideation techniques to discover and develop innovative ideas of value.


Vision Strategy Creative

A method for managing the process of thinking to ensure proper planning and resourcing of ideas.

It is a model for overseeing the onset, development and execution of ideas.

It can be applied in communication for marketing & advertising campaigns, corporate planning & systems, business initiatives (new market penetration, product development, cost reduction), goal setting, and entrepreneurial ventures.


Chaos Thinking

An approach that intentionally allows chaos to develop leading the creative thinking process into a state of random play.

It is a divergent/convergent thinking method – initiating with a single desire and vision, exploring multiple options, and ultimately deciding on a single direction.

Characteristic of Chaos Thinking:

  • C – Complex: Relationally intricate
  • H – Hidden: Not obvious
  • A – Abstract: Conceptual
  • O – Obscure: Odd, unrelated
  • S – Substantial: Amount and quantity


Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a Human Centered Design approach that builds ideas around an individual’s needs and wants – ensuring that ideas deliver value.

We use this approach to within product development, ideation, and Social Innovation.


Brand Positioned Design

Every brand has a heart, a personality and a story that shapes and acts as the life-line of operation and growth. It is through this lens that the greatest ideas are made.

We shape our ideas in light of a brand’s mission, vision and culture.