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Project Brief: My objective was to create an experience that blended sophisticated retail, high-end fashion and refined corporate.

Project Result: I designed an exhibit display system to function within a 95’x45′ space, leveraging scale to create a ‘larger-than-life’ feel. The massively geometric structures were balanced by graphic surfaces set in a black & white color palette, bridged together by crisp values and lines. Three unique areas were created to function as clearly-defined spaces; a reception lounge, a meeting area, and private conference rooms. The design was fabricated with on-site construction by STAK Design.

Show: ICSC Recon 2014, held in Las Vegas, with an attendance of nearly 40,000 people.

Category: Trade Show Exhibit Design
My Role: Creative Direction, Exhibit Design, Graphic Design
Recipient: SpinosoREG
Fabrication: STAK Design

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