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And Falling Bears, Oh My!

Your flight has an impact. Plane Stupid’s new cinema ad, written and commissioned by creative agency Mother and made by production company Rattling Stick. Director Daniel Kleinman. Brief: We wanted to confront people with the impact that short-haul flights have...

Horrific Living, Through Ketchup

This has stirred up some interesting conversations at TheDieLine.com. Here my share; This work is genius!!! Look at all of the heated conversations. And chances are, this idea will stick with you, whether you love it or oppose it. THIS is the heart of Advertising...

Selling Taste Visually

How many times have you looked at an entrée platter, or a piece of a dessert and said to yourself “that looks good”. Think about this. How can something that appeals to our taste senses, all of a sudden appeal to the sense of sight? It’s not that...

Big Brands Are Using You!

Give this a quick thought: Big-brand retailers are plastering the apperal they sell with their brand marks, logos and slogans. Why are consumers not demanding advertising fees for wearing the brand-marked apparel?

Creating Visually with Words

“But you’re not going to get to an idea thinking visually in most cases. You have to think in words, then add the visual. The you can make one plus one equal three.” George Lois A great statement by the legendary George Lois. If you are looking to...