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The Answer is in the Question, The Invitational Stem

Newton’s third law of motion states that “Every action is accompanied by an equal and opposite reaction. And, these forces always occur in pairs”. This simple law reveals that a reactive force cannot exist without an active counterpart. An answer is...

Innovation Fills a Human Desire & Need

A truly innovative idea must fill a specific human desire and need. If an idea lacks value by not filling a need, it is only a novelty item and cannot be called an Innovation. An individual can be highly creative and find an innovative household solution, yet lack the...

Bad Meat Detector Labelling, a Visualization of Freshness

This is genius innovation! A labeling system that reacts to the product and tells a story. Consumers are conscious over the quality of food products they purchase, and often the concern is just as equal over the legitimacy of food labels. To solve this problem,...

Deductive & Inductive Reasoning As Opportunities

The greatest ideas typically result from Abductive Reasoning, where one looks at a set of seemingly unrelated data with the understanding that a solution is there. Two additional reasoning methods can be used to develop ideas and explore opportunities, Deductive and...

Flow Theory: Eliminating Complacency for Maximum Results

Complacency and apathy are the beginning of a downward spiral; for individuals and organizations. In the context of productivity and accomplishment, a forward tension exists between two factors; Skill Level and Challenge Level. Skill – the ability to do...