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Deductive & Inductive Reasoning As Opportunities

The greatest ideas typically result from Abductive Reasoning, where one looks at a set of seemingly unrelated data with the understanding that a solution is there. Two additional reasoning methods can be used to develop ideas and explore opportunities, Deductive and...

To Identifying The Purpose, Answer the "Why" Question

At the beginning of the day, every organization must ask themselves the provocatively dumb “Why?” question; “Why are we doing this?” Non-monetary success cannot be determined without understanding your true purpose behind what you do? Getting...

Law of Diffusion of Innovation

  Innovators 2.5% – These are the ground-breakers, the risk-takers, the creative thinkers and entrepreneurs whom by nature are designed to change the world. Early Adopters 13.5% – In this category are the individuals that believe in the product, the...

Building Right Questions with a Thesaurus

What was the question asked that inspired the development of Anti Wi-Fi Paint to neutralize radio frequencies. Certainly it was not “Let’s make paint that will neutralize wave frequencies”. The question asked was, “How can we stop radio...

It's Not the Economy, Stupid

Procter & Gamble, IBM, General Electric, General Motors, United Technologies Corp, FedEx, Hyatt, Burger King, IHOP, The Jim Henson Company, CNN, MTV, HP, Ocean Spray Cranberries, Yellow Book USA – Just a few of the companies started during recessions,...