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Ignore, Copy and Steal. When Ideas Go Public.

When you have an idea and make the idea public, one of three things will happen, and what you should learn from each one… 1. Everyone will ignore the idea – What could this mean… Your idea did not fill a need or a desire. The conditions may not be...

Innovation Fills a Human Desire & Need

A truly innovative idea must fill a specific human desire and need. If an idea lacks value by not filling a need, it is only a novelty item and cannot be called an Innovation. An individual can be highly creative and find an innovative household solution, yet lack the...

What is Innovation?

Innovation is the successful exploitation and execution of the opportunity of an idea within a business model. Innovation – This is the space following an idea generation session (creative thinking, brainstorming, etc.). Innovation deals more with quality,...

Testing Your Ideas

No entrepreneur wants to waste their time developing a business idea that will only end up flopping. Here’s a simple test to determine whether your idea has a chance of becoming valuable and desirable, or you’re just wasting your time and resources. The...

Bad Meat Detector Labelling, a Visualization of Freshness

This is genius innovation! A labeling system that reacts to the product and tells a story. Consumers are conscious over the quality of food products they purchase, and often the concern is just as equal over the legitimacy of food labels. To solve this problem,...
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