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Quantity is Not Quality – Online Users & The Quality of a Click

What does concrete data really say about the quality of a click. How can we measure the quality of concrete data to better understand online users within our communities? If 500 individuals “like” a post or a page, it is simply 500 individuals who clicked...

Social Media "Follow Us" Basics

We’ve been noticing major and minor brands utilizing Social Media as part of their online marketing initiatives. To include these non-traditional marketing approaches is good. The way it is executed is not good. Why would someone click the Facebook or Twitter...

"Welcome" On Most Websites Are a Waste of Space

Web user behavior is not what it was 5 years ago. The practice of “surfing” the web is non-existent. Users are online with an objective in mind, they are looking for something specific. Don’t clutter their experience with boring and pointless...
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