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Flow Theory: Eliminating Complacency for Maximum Results

Complacency and apathy are the beginning of a downward spiral; for individuals and organizations. In the context of productivity and accomplishment, a forward tension exists between two factors; Skill Level and Challenge Level. Skill – the ability to do...

How To Say No To Personal Interests

Personal interests and explorations are a key to new ideas, innovative approaches and fresh directions that we can take in life. In basic economics there’s a rule in play that states if one adds resources (people, technology, options, etc.) productivity will...

Stop Collecting, and Start Building!

We will go through seasons of collecting, absorbing, researching. Our information bank on the particular subject grows increasingly. We surround ourselves with piles of rocks, sometimes more than we know what to do with. There comes a time when we must force ourselves...

Personal Branding: Leaving a Contact Number

I recently had several voicemails from vendors looking to provide their services & products. They were very clear on their name, company, and service/product offered. But when it came time to leave their contact number; it was mumbled, unclear, and quick. It’s not...

Will Someone Please Ban the Term "I Don't Like It"

If you’re in fifth grade, I suppose it’s perfectly OK to critique with terms like “I like it” and “I Don’t Like It”. But if you hold a position as a creative professional and your vocabulary is comprised of these selfish...
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