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Hybrid Group Brainstorming

A variety of reasons play a role in the behavior of an individual within a group context. Through the lens of Psychology alone, factors like fear, rejection and self-esteem significantly stifle a person’s ability to contribute value. Corporate stigmas like...

Flow Theory: Eliminating Complacency for Maximum Results

Complacency and apathy are the beginning of a downward spiral; for individuals and organizations. In the context of productivity and accomplishment, a forward tension exists between two factors; Skill Level and Challenge Level. Skill – the ability to do...

Who Made Emotions King?

Chris Brogan recently posted Quid Pro No. The situation is simple: If I invite you to join the Facebook group for Trust Agents, it’s because I think you’ll get some value out of participating there. Say you join the group. If you now invite me to join your real estate...

A Simple Marketing Strategy

1. Define the Goal – The things are you trying to accomplish; set up measurable and realistic goals; also setup several audacious goals – honor and respect them as well. Throughout the campaign, never lose sight of the goal(s). Write the goals down and...
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