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It's In Our DNA to Create

We as humans are creative beings by nature. By our design and DNA we are wired to make stuff and create. The creative drive comes from a inner place, far behind our intellect and our emotions. It is something that cannot be learned or taught. It can only be realized...

Airports, Coffee & Pavlov’s Dogs

Have you ever wondered why certain environments, music and even scents inspire you and stimulate creative thought and ideas? To expand on this question even further. Why do we come up with the greatest ideas when we’re not coming up with ideas? When we play,...

Testing Your Ideas

No entrepreneur wants to waste their time developing a business idea that will only end up flopping. Here’s a simple test to determine whether your idea has a chance of becoming valuable and desirable, or you’re just wasting your time and resources. The...

Deductive & Inductive Reasoning As Opportunities

The greatest ideas typically result from Abductive Reasoning, where one looks at a set of seemingly unrelated data with the understanding that a solution is there. Two additional reasoning methods can be used to develop ideas and explore opportunities, Deductive and...

Abductive Reasoning

Abductive Reasoning is at the heart of Creativity, including Innovation, Design Thinking, and all other methods and visionary goals. The most ground-breaking ideas resulted from looking at a set of seemingly unrelated components. Abductive reasoning typically begins...
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