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Ignore, Copy and Steal. When Ideas Go Public.

When you have an idea and make the idea public, one of three things will happen, and what you should learn from each one… 1. Everyone will ignore the idea – What could this mean… Your idea did not fill a need or a desire. The conditions may not be...

Don't Serve Garbage On a Silver Platter

Delivering business results through the online social space cannot be accomplished without being genuine. It’s only a matter of time before your real intentions and objectives are revealed. It doesn’t take a genius to distinguish between the scents of...

Doctors Not Confident in Their Healthcare Service?

There’s an increasing number of health care providers who are essentially giving no option for their patients but to keep silent and not post any negative remarks on the Internet pertaining to the doctor. If you offer a quality service, regardless of the...

Pfizer And The "T" Word

We want to bring greater transparency to the way we partner with leading medical, scientific and patient organizations,” said Jeffrey B. Kindler, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Pfizer. Jeff continues by stating that this move will break down a major barrier,...