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VSC Idea Management™

VSC Idea Management™ is a open model for managing the onset, development and execution of ideas; whether they are events, products, systems, or campaigns. It can be applied in advertising campaigns, corporate planning and systems, business initiatives, new...

To Identifying The Purpose, Answer the "Why" Question

At the beginning of the day, every organization must ask themselves the provocatively dumb “Why?” question; “Why are we doing this?” Non-monetary success cannot be determined without understanding your true purpose behind what you do? Getting...

Difference Between Vision & Mission

Yes, there is a difference between Vision and Mission. Sadly enough, most organizations do not know the difference, and end up creating unnecessary confusion within their organization – resulting in stunned forward momentum. In a nutshell… Vision is Future...

How To Say No To Personal Interests

Personal interests and explorations are a key to new ideas, innovative approaches and fresh directions that we can take in life. In basic economics there’s a rule in play that states if one adds resources (people, technology, options, etc.) productivity will...

A Simple Marketing Strategy

1. Define the Goal – The things are you trying to accomplish; set up measurable and realistic goals; also setup several audacious goals – honor and respect them as well. Throughout the campaign, never lose sight of the goal(s). Write the goals down and...
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Free Tips & Resources

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